Developers, don't mock people for being amazed by game dev techniques

A documentary about the creation of Horizon: Zero Dawn was created by the Dutch organization VPRO, and yesterday Kotaku pulled an interesting GIF from the video that showed how the game renders its large environments.

“Every time you move the camera in Horizon Zero Dawn, the game is doing all sorts of under-the-hood calculations, loading and unloading chunks of world to ensure that it all runs properly,” the post stated. “And that’s not even counting the robot dinosaurs.”

The post has become an object of ridicule among certain game development circles, because this is the internet and we needed a controversy today. What’s annoying is that this is a really, really silly one.

The GIF in question does show something that’s rudimentary if you’ve created a game. It also shows what’s going on in a way that’s easy to understand and explain, which is part of the reason why the story blew up in such a large way. The Kotaku post has a little under 80,000 pageviews at the time of this writing, and the GIF is near the top of r/Gaming with over 1,800 comments.

So clearly it’s interesting to people.

You can see the GIF below.

Neat, right? VPRO Documentary via Kotaku
Developers were quick to mock the post for daring to explain a detail of Horizon’s development.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017
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